Game Art

Below are the games that were developed  during my days at Playpit Games, the Games were exclusively for Facebook, Unity3D web-player was the main platform to play these games.
Eight games were developed in a span of 2 years. I enjoyed taking creative freedom in developing all the games along side a artist and  three programmers. I have taken lead for all game designs, artwork, models, textures, animations and  promo materials.
Below are the list of games:

Poject Hero - Facebook platform - 3D 3rd person Rail Shooter

Chopper city -  Facebook platform - Open world Seek and rescue game

Reactor Room - Facebook platform - First person shooter

Tram Station Independent - Facebook platform - First person shooter

Thunderboards - Facebook platform - Hoverboard racing game

Race4Real - Facebook platform - 3D racing game with social integration.

Project offset Independent Project  - Intel Larrabee compatibility Project - Free roaming world.